The visit to Seattle and to the Seattle Times
on April 7, 1930, of

Eamon de Valera,
future Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister)
and future President of Ireland

The above photograph was taken on April 7, 1930, and shows Irish Revolutionary leader Eamon de Valera typing on a Seattle Times newspaper typesetting machine. Karl Torkelson, composing room foreman, is looking on.

In 1926, “Dev” had founded a new political party, Fianna Fail, and he decided to found a new Irish daily newspaper in order to spread his ideas. He came on a tour of the United States to raise funds for the new paper and on his tour visited Seattle and the Seattle Times. His new Irish newspaper, the Irish Press, was started in September 1931, but ceased publication in September 1995.

During her visit to Seattle in May 2005, Irish President Mary McAleese met with the Editorial Board of the Seattle Times which presented her with a copy of the photo.